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Official Website of Yell County, Arkansas


Mount Nebo

Yell County is proud to welcome you to it's home on the Internet.  We hope that this site is informative, and more importantly, convenient for the citizens of Yell County. (Photo: Mount Nebo by John Foster)

More on the way...

Please check back as this site continues to grow, and feel free to come on in and take a look around.

You should be able to find information about all the county offices on the government section of this site, including e-mail and website addresses so you can contact the offices directly with any questions you may have. 

County employees can access their e-mail accounts from the "E-mail Access" section of this site.

Mitchell Branch Falls

(Photo: Mitchell Branch Falls by John Foster)

Yell County Map...

As a convenience to the citizens of Yell County, we've included an online map of Yell County including the 911 road names, however it is a 6.72MB download and may take several minutes on slower connections.  It's in .pdf format and can be downloaded by clicking below:

Yell County Map


sunrise point mount nebo arkansas

View From Sunrise Point - Mount Nebo

Terrain in Yell County ranges from forest covered mountain peaks to large river valleys.  Mount Nebo State Park near Dardanelle provides spectacular views of the Arkansas River Valley below.

Sunset - Blue Mountain Lake

Sunset Over Blue Mountain Lake

Yell County has several lakes to enjoy, this photo is from Blue Mountain Lake on the western end of the county.